What Does The Bible Say About Wearing Robes?

Recently, robes are being worn by many clerics, bishops, and for many ceremonies. However, as a Christian, you must have wondered what the scripture says about the putting on of robes. Does the bible say it is mandatory for clerics or pastors to wear robes? Or does the scripture say all believers must wear robes? In this article, I will answer the popularly asked question and many other questions.

So, “What Does The Bible Say About Wearing Robes?” Here are what the bible says about wearing robes:

  • Robes with a mixture of linen and wool shouldn’t be worn. 
  • Wearing robes to signify our redemption.
  • They are to be used to worship God.

Robes with a mixture of linen and wool shouldn’t be worn

One thing the bible says about wearing robes is that tunics with a mixture of linen and wool should not be worn. According to Leviticus 19, God communicated to Moses about his laws that should be told to the offspring of Israel. And in verse 19 of the book of Leviticus, God instructed that coats of diverse linen and wool shouldn’t be worn. 

Moving forward, in the book of Deuteronomy 22: 11, this part God was also stating his statutes to the Israelites. Similar to what was in Leviticus 19, he said garments of different sorts like linen and wool together should not be worn. 

All of these were in the old testament when Moses was leading the offspring of Israel out from the people of pharaoh – the Egyptians after decades of slavery. 

Wearing robes to signify our redemption

The bible also said that wearing robes would signify our redemption. In the New Testament, the book of Revelation 7 : 9 – the intuition of John, he wrote that he saw a vast multitude of folk that couldn’t be estimated that were standing in front of the lamb and throne, putting on pure clean tunics. 

The white tunics were the cloaks bestowed to Saints – those who were followers of the truth. These same white tunics will be bestowed to us all in heaven which is to show our redemption through Christ. 

They are to be used to worship God

Finally, the bible says that wearing robes are rightful apparel to be worn to worship God. For instance, in Exodus 28, God informed Moses to tell his brother Aaron and his sons to serve. In this same chapter, he listed the garments that they are to wear for the priesthood – and one of them is robes. 

Did Jesus wear a robe?

Oh, yeah! Jesus wore a cloak. The Bible referred to the cloak as a tunic in many places. According to John 19:23, the garment Jesus wore, alongside his Sandals, was interpreted by John. He said the robe or tunic was seamless and that it was woven from the upper part in one piece. 

Furthermore, when Jesus was captured by the soldiers – as instructed by the Pharisees, in John 19:2, a purple tunic was placed on him to mock him. This purple robe was what Jesus wore all through the discussion at the pirate’s court till he was taken to Golgotha. 

In addition, in John’s intuition in Revelation 19 :13, John described the cloak that Jesus wore to be dipped in blood with his name called “the word of God”. With all these references, you can tell that Jesus did wear a cloak. 

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Why do preachers wear robes?

Perhaps you have visited most Catholic or Anglican churches, and you must have seen their clerics, cardinals, or bishops putting on tunics. However, I would like you to note that not all preachers put on tunics.

Like me, you might have been curious as to why they prefer to wear cloaks and not normal corporate wear. So, in this part of this article, I will share with you a few theories to this curiosity.

Below are the reasons why preachers wear robes.

  • To retain their minds with God.
  • Signifying their status in the church.
  • Prevent distractions.
  • To obey the message of God.

To retain their minds with God 

One of the things that could stop or prevent attention to God is thoughts about what to wear. A lot of priests and other preachers know this, so they decide to wear a tunic. 

This way, they have their intellect focused on reviewing the word, and not worrying about the apparel to put on for service. 

Signifying their status in the church 

When a priest or Bishop is not putting on a tunic, there is no way you can tell that he is a priest, except if you have an intimate connection with him.

And luckily, in a Catholic church, their cloaks are always different depending on their office. The cloak of bishops is different from the tunic of cardinals. So, with the robe, you can tell if you see a cardinal or a priest.

Prevent distractions 

One of the things that result in distractions is material things like apparel – similar to what I said earlier. Aside from the fact that it could split the attention of a preacher, most congregations could have a split of attention from listening to the sermon to focusing on the cloth the preacher is putting on. 

So, with the robe that is being worn by preachers, the congregation won’t be able to pay attention to them. This is because the robes they wear are similar, just a change of color during feasts or other special ceremonies. 

To obey the message of God

The scripture made emphasis on worshipping the Lord in the holiest apparel – reference in 1 chronicle 16 :29. Plus, God instructed Moses in the book of Exodus 28 that both his brothers and offspring should serve him the Lord as priests. And a robe was incorporated into the coat they were to prepare.

So, the preachers took up this instruction by wearing cloaks while worshipping God. 

What does the bible say about clothing?

Clothing has a lot of significance from the beginning of the book of Moses – Genesis to the book of John- Revelation. Clothing has played a very vital role in the record of God’s business since the rule of creation. 

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned against the Lord thy God by eating the fruit that God forbade them to eat, clothing has become part of us. 

According to the story, they knew that they were neked, so they ran behind the trees to cover up – until God provided them with apparel. It all started with the use of fig leaves which have been adopted by most cultures, till the invention of fabrics. 

In other words, the bible signified clothing as coverage. And in many places, it was related to coverage of our sins. Centuries ago till now, the style and color of apparel have been used or conjoined with fortune, gender, and status.

For example, purple tunics were for wealthy people and mostly worn by the rulers of a nation. Those tunes, it was either referred to as purple or royal cloak. Furthermore, like in the story of Rahab, in the book of Joshua, people could tell that she was a harlot by the way she dressed. Likewise, in the New Testament, the Samaritans could recognize the Jews by their dress. 


What is the significance of white robes?

When reading your bible, you must have read some verses that talked about white tunics – most especially in Revelation. Perhaps you were curious about what the white robes meant. I was also curious to know about it some time ago, then, I checked for what it meant. So, I would be sharing my knowledge with you in this segment.

Below are a few meanings of white robes

  • Exemplifies a new start in Christ.
  • A symbol of perfection.
  • Embodies cleanliness.

Exemplifies a new start in christ 

According to the scripture, in the book of Revelation 7 verse 9- in John’s vision, John saw a large crowd wearing white tunics standing in front of the lamb and the throne, worshipping God in a loud voice. Then, an angel told John that those wearing the white robe will never hunger, nor thirst anymore. 

This implies that when we ascend with Christ, we’d all be given white robes to start afresh with Christ where there will be no hunger, grieving, or thirsting. 

A symbol of perfection 

It symbolizes that we are pure as God has always wanted. The white tunics that will be given to us in heaven are how God always wants to recognize us. As God said that we should all be perfect just like he is perfect. 

Embodies cleanliness 

Jesus’ death on the cross of calvary was to cleanse all of our sins. The blood we plead washes our white tunic by making it spotless and without blemish to be perfect the way God wants. 

When the elder was explaining to John about the crowd he saw wearing clean tunics he said “they are the ones who succeeded out of tremendous hardship, washed their cloaks, and made them clean in the blood of the babe – which is Jesus”. 

Conclusion – What Does The Bible Say About Wearing Robes?

Putting on robes has different significance in the bible, both in the old and new testaments. I discussed this in detail for your understanding in this article. 

Many questions that you need an answer to have also been answered in this blog post. I hope you find this piece helpful to you. Kindly reach out to us with more questions. 

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