What Does Wash Your Robes Mean?

All of the words and phrases we read in the bible have different meanings, and of course, we should pay attention to them. One of them is “Wash your robes”.

If you often read your bible, there is every tendency that you would have come across that phrase in some passages, and you must have thought of what it meant. Thus, in this blog post, I will share with you the meanings for you to have a better understanding of the bible.

So, “What Does Wash Your Robes Mean?” The following are what wash your robes mean, according to the bible:

  • It exemplifies purification. 
  • Means keeping the statues.

It exemplifies purification 

In Revelation 7 verse 14 – which was all about John’s intuition, where he saw a large number of crowds putting on white tunics in front of the throne. Then, exactly in verse 14, one of the seniors reached out to him to illustrate those who were in white cloaks. 

He said they were those who triumphed out of tremendous suffering and cleaned their coats by making them white with the blood of the babe. The cleansing of cloaks in this context implies purifying one’s self from uncleanliness.

Those people ensured that they were free from enticement, and when they commit a sin, they make sure that they plead the blood of the babe to make them decent. 

Means keeping the statues 

Finally, cleansing of tunics means keeping the statues. The Bible has different interpretations and each gives diverse significances of the messages being passed across. 

The cleansing of tunics in the new living translations (NLT) means maintaining the statues in many other versions of the bible. So, if you see cleanse your robes in any passage, it means keeping the statues of God. 

Why should you wash your robes?

Your robes should be washed, so you could have access to God. If your vestments aren’t cleansed, this means your cloak is replenished with guilt. And when your tunic is filled with sin, God won’t be able to hear your prayers or have a connection with you. 

God wants to have a relationship with you, so it is crucial to cleanse your robes. Furthermore, cleansing your robe will make you God-like.

Should you wash your robes?

Of course, your cloaks should be wiped. As washing your tunics symbolizes doing the statues, it is only possible when you’re in Christ.

The belief you hold on to enables you to keep the statues, and it assists you to realize how to make your tunics white with the blood. 

Without knowing Christ, it will be totally impossible for you to be able to keep the statues. Why? When you’re not in Christ, you do not have the ability to conquer sin – rather you will be more tempted to commit them. 

But when you are in Christ, the proficiency to admire and defend the laws – as informed by Christ, would be possible as an outcome of the strength that functions inside of you. 

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What does it mean for God to work in you?

When you perform what is good – in a God-like manner, the act wasn’t carried out by your human will, but by the Holy Spirit of God abiding in you.  As aforesaid, the ability you have to be able to achieve the statue is because you’ve accepted Christ.

According to Philippians 2 verse 13, God functions in you to will and fulfill his reasonable pleasure. God has given you the grace to work out your own salvation, which is the holy spirit. The holy spirit assists you to function perfectly and holy as God wants. 

What does it mean to be washed in the blood?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be cleansed in the blood? Many of us plead the blood but do not completely understand what it implies to be purified with it. In this case, I will illustrate to you what it implies for you to understand fully. 

Here is what it implies to be purified by the blood:

  • To be made clean.
  • Implies to reconcile with God.
  • Having direct access to God.

To be made clean 

When you commit a sin, your spiritual white garment will be spotted. And the more you sin, the more your robe gets filthy. But by pleading the blood, your cloak would be made clean, spotless, and without blemish. 

Then, you will appear clean enough to be able to relate with God. And also, God would be happy to see you in them – as he always wants to see us pure like him. 

Implies to reconcile with God

To be washed with the blood means to reconcile with God after realizing all of your mistakes. According to Colossians 1 verse 20, with the blood, we are able to retrace our things to God and the things he has promised us. 

The casualty of Christ on the cross was to restore us from the condemnation of the statute by becoming the curse for us. 

Having direct access to God

The blood gives you direct access to God. God cherishes the blood of his only son, so when we plead for the blood, it helps us reach out to him. 

Let’s not forget John 14 verse 6, Jesus made it clear to us that he is the only way to God. And God’s initial intention of sacrificing his son for us was to renew his first intention of having a good connection with us. 

Why are heavenly robes white?

You must have heard countless times that white tunics would be bestowed on us when we arrive in heaven. Or you must have heard that we are outfitted in spiritual white robes that get spotted when we sin and can only become spotless when purified in the blood. But why are they white? You’d find out below. 

Here are why heavenly cloaks are white:

  • Total redemption.
  • They exemplify godliness.

Total redemption 

Heavenly cloaks are white because they represent total redemption. Redemption could mean being absolved and accepted by God. When you are redeemed, then you know what it indicates to have Christ. 

After the sin executed by the initial Adam, the messiah was sent to redeem us from the condemnation by dying on the cross. So, because of the blood, the dresses given to us after we believe in christ are made pure white. 

They exemplify godliness 

Godly tunics are white because they symbolize godliness. To be godly means to look and behave like God – to be holy. The Bible interpreted Christ’s tunics and hair as shining and glittering as white as snow and wool. 

Since we are created like God, we are to appear like him. So, the tunics are invented white because God is pure. 


Will we wear clothes in heaven?

Oh, yea! We will put on clothes in heaven. In fact, the bible described the clothes to be worn as white tunics – spotless and without blemish. Even Jesus was putting on a tunic – according to John’s intuition, but it was narrated to be dipped in the blood. 

Furthermore, clothes have always been correlated with us from the onset of our creation – after the first Adam’s sin, and they will for sure be part of us when we are in heaven. 

In addition, clothes are worn to cover up our nakedness and to prevent temptation. However, the reason why clothes will be worn in heaven won’t be because of temptation or shame or immorality, but they will be worn to renew our appearance. And also to double our comfort whilst we frequently cheer in the Lord. 

What does it mean that our sins are washed away?

When you see an utterance that says your sins/crime have been wiped away, it means they have been pardoned. Aside from the fact the blood of Christ that we plead cleanses our sins, the mercies of God also make our crimes get forgiven. 

Before the blood was relieved for our guilt – in the new testament, different instructions were notified by God to purify the people in the old testament of their guilt. All of those instructions were sent by God, so they can be cleaned enough to have access to him. 

God used all of those sacrifices, rituals, and many more to explain to us how sin made us unfit to be in his presence. Then, in the new testament, he made a way for us to refine and cleanse us of our guilt which was surrendering his only son, Jesus, for us on the cross. So, his blood is frequently utilized to wash away every one of our sins. 

Conclusion – What Does Wash Your Robes Mean?

Cleansing your tunics means a lot in the bible such as purification and keeping the statues of God. It is vital to cleanse your robe, so you can have a good affair with God. However, it is only feasible to keep God’s statues when you have Christ in you. I hope you’re able to get all the answers you need in this blog post. 

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