What Color Robes Do Priests And Ministers Wear On The Festival Of Pentecost?

The Festival of Pentecost is usually observed on the fiftieth day after Easter Sunday. This day serves as a reminder of the day God poured out his sacred spirit on the disciples and all believers of Christ in the upper room – as described in the scripture (Acts 2). 

Whilst this day of Pentecost is observed by the Roman chapels, the priests and pastors are comprehended to put on different shades and types of robes on this day.

A few people are curious to know the shade of cloaks that these leaders wear for the celebration. The answer to the question will be provided in this blog post.

So, What Color Robes Do Priests And Ministers Wear On The Festival Of Pentecost?” Priests and ministers put on red robes at the celebration of Pentecost. The red shade of the cloak implies the blood of Christ on the cross, and also the passion for the gospel. 

In addition, the day of Pentecost was after Jesus ascended to his father after he reawakened on the 3rd day.

And just as promised, the holy spirit came down on each of the missionaries in the upper room in the form of fire – they proceeded to talk in diverse tongues. 

So, the priests and preachers put on the red cloaks to remember this moment with the apostles, likewise, as other believers that accepted the holy spirit. 

Why do Priests and ministers wear red robes at the festival of Pentecost?

Having known the shade of the robe that the leaders of the Roman Church wear during Pentecost day, a bit of information has been shared regarding the shade of robe.

But you should still be aware of more reasons why the red shade of the cloak was picked by the Priests and ministers. Further, I will list and expound on each of the reasons for comprehensive awareness.

The following are a few concepts as to why the priests and pastors wear red robes on Pentecost:

  • It exemplifies the flame.
  • A symbol of the pledge. 

It exemplifies the flame 

In Acts 2, the scripture was specific about how each of the followers attained the holy spirit. The Bible said, “it came as a rushing strong breeze and sat on each one of their heads as of fire”. The shade of a burning fire is red. 

So, the red cloaks that are being worn by each of the priests and pastors are to imply the flame of the sacred spirit upon each man. 

A symbol of the pledge

What is the pledge? The covenant is the holy spirit. Jesus told his followers in the book of John 14 verses 26 that “he will send the holy spirit who is the helper to instruct all things and to send all things to our remembrance.” 

Likewise, before he ascended to his father in heaven, he told them in Acts 1 that power would be received after the sacred spirit has descended, so we can be witnesses of him. 

Moving forward, the red robe reminds both the preacher and ministers, including the disciples of Christ of this promise.

Whilst the celebration is to place a remembrance of the day the holy spirit came, the red robe is to put in check the covenant of Jesus. 

What color robes do priests wear?

No doubt, priests put on vestments. But the color of tunics they wear differs for various holidays. Thus, I made a list of these colors, and in addition, I included a brief explanation for more understanding.

Here are the shades of robes priests wear:

  • Purple or violet cloaks.
  • White robes.
  • Red tunics.
  • Blue tunics.
  • Rose robes.
  • Green cloaks.
  • Black robes.

Purple or violet cloaks

Priests put on purple or violet cloaks during lent and advent – mainly to symbolize repentance, grieving, and sorrow. If you can remember the story of Jesus when he was arrested to be crucified, the soldiers placed upon him a purple cloak to mimic him. In other words, the priests wear purple cloaks to remember all of the sacrifices Christ made for all on the cross. 

White robes 

The white robe that priests wear is to exemplify both the birth and resurrection of Jesus. These two days are very significant, so they have to be celebrated with pure and clean apparel.  

White in this context represents holiness, joy, victory, and purity – which is why it is worn by the Priests. In addition, they wear gold robes as a substitute for white as it embodies similar significance.

Red tunics 

Red is the tone of blood and fire. So, on days when the hardships of the Lord and the filling of the sacred spirit on the missionaries are observed, the red tunics are worn by the Priests. 

The holiday celebrations that the red cloaks are worn are the festivities of Pentecost, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday. In addition, the red cloaks are worn by the Priests to signify their loyalty to the church. 

Blue tunics 

The blue gowns are worn when the numerous phases of lent and advent are celebrated. However, not all priests wear this shade of robe. They are mostly worn by Catholic priests – the hue is light blue.

Rose robes

Then, we have the rose robes. It isn’t commonly utilized, but they are employed on the 3rd Sunday of Advent and the fourth Sunday of lent. They are worn to exemplify subdued excitement. 

Green cloaks 

Cloaks with diverse colors are worn by the priests in regular masses too. And the color of the cloak that is worn for these services is green. 

Black robes

Finally, priests wear black vestments. Black robes are worn to funerals, to sympathize with the family of the deceased.

The Black robe shows the sadness of the priest. It also serves as a form of reminder to frequently pray for those who are late. 

Whilst the black robe means to express sorrow, it is worn by many clerics to exemplify their sacrifice and humility to the new duty they have in the church. This color of the robe was decided to continuously draw the attention of the clerics to God. 


What color of vestment is worn on holy Thursday?

White is the color of vestment that is worn on holy Thursdays. The Holy Thursday is the Lord’s supper, and the priest follows the instructions by putting on white robes. 

The white robe they wear would represent holiness and purity, as you have to be clean while observing this day. 

What do you do during the festival of Pentecost?

The festival of Pentecost isn’t just like any other festival, this day is a reminder of the filling of the holy spirit upon the followers of Jesus. The full story about this unique day can be seen in the book of Acts chapter 2. 

Whilst this is a festival, there are things that you should do on this day – to fully observe the day. So, below I’d share with you the activities you can do during the festival of Pentecost. 

Pray for the holy spirit 

The Festival of Pentecost is majorly to pray for the holy spirit to appear to you, just like he did in the upper room. On this day you can pray to be filled afresh or to be filled – if you’re yet to be baptized in the spirit. 

Most churches provide the prayer guide that is often needed for this day, so you can get the guide and use it to pray with your family.

Go for liturgy 

Another best way to celebrate the festival of Pentecost is by going for liturgy in church. This is more like the most important way – aside from praying. 

In the church, you’d be thanking God for the spirit that he sent to man and many more. Churches offer the service at different times, so ensure you make inquiries to attend. 

Sing the songs of Pentecost 

You can celebrate this festival by singing the songs of Pentecost from the guide. If you have kids, you can carry them along. Sing the songs with them, and in the process, you can lecture them about the day of Pentecost. Lecturing them with the songs will help them realize the great benefit of the gift of the holy spirit. 

Read the scripture 

The Festival of Pentecost cannot be complete without reading the scripture. I gave reference to where the holy spirit appeared on the day of Pentecost in the upper room – which is in the book of Acts chapter 2. 

You could also read where Jesus made a promise of the holy spirit – in the book of John, for better understanding. Nb- Read the scripture with your family. 

Conclusion – What Color Robes Do Priests And Ministers Wear On The Festival Of Pentecost?

The priests and ministers wear red vestments to celebrate the day of Pentecost, as red symbolizes the blood of Jesus and the fire of the holy spirit. Priests put on diverse shades of cloaks for different festivals. So, I listed the colors in this blog post, and also, expounded on them. 

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