Do Queens Wear Robes?

The word “queen” often brings to mind conjuring images of beautiful women from fairy tales, ball gowns, and elegant etiquette.

However, in the real world, being a queen can be hard work. There are many types of queens – all different, but equally fascinating.

Most queens have an air of refinement about themselves which extends to their wardrobe. Presumably, you have been wondering if Queens put on robes, you will find out in this article.

So, “Do Queens Wear Robes?” Simply put, of course. Queens do wear robes! A queen’s clothes aren’t just any old outfit; you won’t ever see her rocking leggings and a sweatshirt. 

Well, unless it’s Halloween or some other kind of festival! Queens opt for formal attire in all its regal glory, with long robes being one of the key staples.

Usually, the Queen’s robe often differs by occasion such as the coronation robe. The coronation robe is worn for the coronation ceremony – likewise, for other rare occasions. This robe is a sample of explicit craftsmanship. 

Moving forward, there is a different type of robe the queen wears in her kingdom and the one she wears out. However, the queen could decide not to put on a robe.

For instance, when Queen Elizabeth attended the state opening of Parliament in 2019, she didn’t put on her ornamental cloaks, rather she chose to wear corporate wear – a skirt, buttoned jacket, and a hat. 

Who is a Queen?

A queen is a woman who occupies a high position within a society or group, either by birthright or through marriage. The term “queen” has several meanings depending on the context in which it’s used. 

A queen can be the wife of a king (also called a queen consort), an independent ruler in her own right (such as Queen Elizabeth II), or an archetypical kind with specific attributes relevant to that context.

In addition, a queen is recognized with her robe and crown and is often a great role model to many in her kingdom and other kingdoms. 

What is a queen’s robe called?

A queen’s robe is called a royal mantle. Technically, the Royal mantle is simply an outfit that rulers such as a king, Queen, emperor, Prince, Princess, and other royal members wear as a symbol of sovereignty. 

This mantle is often tailored in the most fluffy and skin-friendly textile – mostly satin, as the rulers are to be treated with utmost care to rule the state or country well. 

Moving forward, the queen has different types of robes aside from the royal mantle that is frequently worn. On the day of the coronation when the Princess would becomes the crowned queen, she will be asked to wear a robe called the coronation robe, because the cloak is an integral part of the coronation. 

Then, towards the end of the coronation, she will change the previous robe she was wearing to another robe which is called the Robe of Estate. The Robe of Estate is also called the imperial cloak.

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Which queen’s robe can I purchase?

You might decide to dress like a Queen for Halloween or perhaps you have a play that you’d be acting as the queen, then you will need a robe to appear just like a Queen.

Whilst a robe is part of a queen’s dressing and may be easy to identify, purchasing the best robe that will be durable, comfortable, and elegant is key. So, I have selected a few robes that you can purchase. I hope you find the one you would like to purchase. 

Adult King/Queen Robe (purple) Party Accessory 

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For you to appear as a real queen, you will need to purchase this robe. This cloak is the best queen tunic that you can buy. Surprisingly, it was made in purple. Purple is the color of the robe that is meant for queens to signify authority. 

And luckily, it is for both the king and Queen. This implies that you can purchase this robe for yourself and your partner – that will be playing king or dressing as a king for Halloween. That being said, let’s take a look at the features of this queen’s robe. 


  • Textile – The fabrics that were employed to fasten this beautiful cloak are polyester (90%) and acrylic (10%). I am pretty surprised to see that this robe was made with the same fabric most royal robes are made with. This is to tell you that this cloak is worth the purchase.
  • Length- This cloak was made 52 inches long which is almost a suitable length for adults. 
  • Durable- Due to the materials employed in tailoring this queen’s robe, you will be entitled to make use of this cloak for a very long time. Also, you will feel totally comfortable when wearing this cape for your play or event. 
  • Occasion- you can put on this queen’s robe for Halloween and cosplay. In fact, a customer who bought this cloak, she said this cloak was just what she needed to describe who a queen was to her students. You could simply purchase this robe for the same purpose, and your mission would be accomplished. 


  • Very comfortable and durable due to the textiles used.
  • High-quality textile and appropriate color.
  • Suitable for any event either Halloween or a show.


  • The length of the Cape is quite small and a little tight. 

Beistle Child Size Red King/Queen Robe 

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Kids love fairytales and they would always want to act in a play. Due to this, kids’ sizes for fairytale costumes are never left out – you’d always get their size no matter what.  If your kid would love to dress like a Queen for her play, Halloween, or any other event, this cape is the best that you can purchase. 

Similar to the first cloak I recommended, this robe is also for both king and Queen. In other words, if you have a son and a daughter, you can get this robe for them. With that said, let’s dive into some other information about this cloak. 


  • Fabric- This cape was tailored with a red textile with a fur collar to keep your child comfortable while putting it on. The manufacturer of this robe is aware of how delicate kids are, so they ensured that the cloak was fastened with a soft texture with a fur collar that is skin-friendly.
  • Length- Since it was made for kids, the length of the robe is also in their favor. This robe is made 33 inches long – which is not too long or too short.
  • Added- A gold binding was added from each end of the collar, so it can be used for adjustment. 
  • Comfortable- With the way this cloak was made, your child will be very comfortable in it. And she would love to wear it continuously.
  • Any event- Your kid can put on this cloak for any event like a birthday party, thanksgiving, Halloween, cosplay, Christmas, and many other events. 
  • Gift- You can give this cape out as a gift to your kid’s friends either a boy or a girl, your relative, or a neighbor’s kids, they will love it. 


  • This cape is very comfortable and was tailored to favor your kids.
  • The length is appropriate – not too long or short.
  • Appropriate as a gift and for any occasion.
  • It can be easily adjusted.


  • It doesn’t have other accessories for Kings or Queens.


Do Queens wear capes?

Oh, yea! Queens put on capes. In fact, the cape coat has been recently sighted on many royals, not excluding queen Elizabeth. It was discovered that the cape has been queen Elizabeth’s long-time beloved kind of dressing, until now. And many other people like kate Middleton all the way to Sheikha Moza have embraced the wearing of this costume. 

A cape coat is not the wrong costume to be worn by a queen. It is also appropriate like a cloak – in fact, it is similar to a robe. However, the kind of cape a queen would wear will be quite different from the regular cape. After all, they are queens anyways.

Do the royals ever wear casual clothes?

Of course, the royals wear casual clothes. Not every time, but when they need to. There are many royals such as Princess Diana who dress casually once in a while when she has a casual event to attend. 

Conclusion – Do Queens Wear Robes?

Queen put on robes, just like you see in movies and pictures. However, putting fairytales aside, in the real world, queens can decide not to put on a robe.

And in this blog post, I mentioned how queen Elizabeth who wore a skirt, buttoned jacket, and a hat to the state opening of Parliament. 

There are other queens and royals who choose not to wear robes daily but only at special events. In addition, I recommended some queen cloaks that you can purchase. Kindly click on the link to check their prices. 

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